Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A week in the life / Sunday

I decided I wanted to start on Sunday just because. Our mornings start at 6:30 am when Jack wakes up but on the weekends if I am not running I am sleeping and Mike gets Jack out of bed and lets me sleep. I love that extra hour of sleep. I am not really a morning person so getting up super early is not my favorite thing. It's Jacks favorite time of the day so this Sunday I came down stairs at 7 am and told mike he could go back to bed for a little bit. He did just that and Jack watched Public Television while I just sat there on the sofa. 
by 10 am everyone was awake. Thats crazy because I have some Teen agers that love to sleep. So we had breakfast and I convinced them to take a picture. Oh yeah we had to be at a surprise party by 11 am so that why they got up. My kids are fun and here it is my little family . Paola lives with her boyfriend so she is not in the picture..I do love Jacks smile its so cute.
The part of my life I have been dealing with that I just hate. Lately when ever I run in the sun I get horrible headaches. There so bad. I don't want to run. I have to get my miles in so I even joined a gym to see if running indoor helps. They last for 2 or 3 days and they make me so unhappy.
I do a-lot of the driving and all the cooking and the driving around for the most part so I think Mike could tell I just needed some me time . He told me to get my nails done so I did. I am loving purple right now too. This is one of my favorite fun books to read. Its very inspirational and it makes me want to paint.
This is what I found when I got home. A little boy trying to start his daddies computer. Jack is such a happy kid and smart. Mike can't get mad at him so this was cute to us. Baby by day and maker by night.
Later I had to go back to pick up the kids. Then Christopher needed a hair cut. He is very particular about his hair cuts and at the age of 14 only likes male barbers. This has been his barber shop for a couple years and he loves it.  Round trip for the house to pick up the kids and get a hair cut this took 2 1/2 hours. We spend a lot of time in the car. Mike was very upset today because his hip hurts so much. SO todays car ride not so much fun.
We got a mini van this year so everyone fits. That good since everyone is so tall in my house except me. When I look at my son I think about how fast he is growing and how I only really have 4 years left before he goes to college .
We got home and put Jack to sleep. That is usually 7 pm and we made plans with our friends Doug and Dominique to have dinner. We talked about there trip to Europe and ate way to much food. They are such a funny honest couple I love them . How bad are we started with the cheese bowl. It was great catching up and just listening to each other. Dominique I think we have known each other for many lives. We just have a connection and its very real. I will always be her friend. After dinner we went home and went straight to bed. Maybe it was the two hefewiezers I had. 

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