Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy October

Happy October Peeps. Hi!! How exciting we all made it to October. I have big plans for this month. I made a little Pictober prompt for myself . There is so much going on when its close to the end of the year and I really want to make my Project Life come together so I need to help myself with some prompts . I also have done some other prompts and my journals for my blog and my own project Life does so much better. I will hash tag my pictures #pictober if you want to do the same ..that would be cool.. My Instagram name is creatingfreespirit if you want to fallow me. 
My number 1 is Me. That sounds funny. I mean my number 1 prompt is ME. Me is my family today. I really want to start every month with a picture of who ever is in the house. I have my 2 of my kids about 80 percent of the time. My oldest lives in her own apartment. Jack is with me all the time. So I want to do a family picture the first of every month that will be who ever is here that day. This month Poala my oldest had surgery. Her boy friend was here and that was who is in our first Family picture.  This feels like a great Idea. I am thinking we can take some fancy family pictures but for today this was my family and that is me.