Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A day in the life - Thursday

Ok so not the best picture but by this time I had woken up showered changed Jack fed him. Then made lunches and feed my big kids and I was tired. I really have to go to bed by 10pm.  Getting up by 6a.m.  at the latest can sometimes be hard. SOme mornings I would love to just go back to bed. But hey its Jacks Birthday !

So I opened the big box with the train table in it and he went crazy so I had to get out the trains.  He played and played.

My dad came over early.. Now I see why I have to go to bed early. There is so much going on way early in the morning around here. It took my dad hours to put the table together. I really need more pictures of my older kids but there still sleeping.

Birthday Boy ..

We sang happy  birthday 10 times and Jack kept saying has mas . I have not mentioned that jack is bilingual. I speak danish all day and when Mike gets home we speak English.

This is real life peeps. A plunger and a bunch of silly people laughing because we the word poop is involved …Thats a wrap for our Thursday.

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