Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My feelings on A week in the Life

Here it is. I decided to take some pictures of my album. I am really glad I took the time to do this. I am happy to be in love with all things Ali Edwards. The lesson that I take away from this are: 

  • Those moments that took place during the week will never happen again. 
  • Even if we have coffee everyday it is really never the same. 
  • Every day is different and we could say how boring or we could say it is a little magical. 
  • Here we are capturing the magic. 
  • Taking the time to let our grandchildren one day how we drink our coffee. 
  • Here we are taking the time capture our feelings and giving our selves some much needed love. 

I love how this is a type of pampering. It can be work but, man, it's good work. I, like so many women, look at everyone'd books and some part of me wishes mine was better. I am a girl and that's what we do, compare. But here is another great lesson in accepting our effort and accepting our vision and knowing that mine is just fine. I like that it is simple but that I took the time thanks to Ali to writing down what I needed too. I wrote the simple stories of my life that make it mine. I wrote about how 3 days a week it is only Jack and I and we have scrambled eggs with grilled onions and tomatoes. I wrote about how much my 2 year old loves grilled veggies. I wrote about how the first day of school left me in tears because my children are growing up and I am just so proud. I wrote about my relationship with Mike and how blessed I feel to have someone who loves me and my children more than anything. All theses things are in this little book with pictures of each moment. My story is here and I am very grateful for that. All of this is special and means a lot more than I think we let ourselves believe. Thank You Ali because every time I take the time to do this I heal a little. I love a little bit more too but, more importantly, I am made aware of how blessed I really am.

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  1. i think the 'take away' is so similar for all of us, and that's what makes it special.