Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A day in the life - Thursday

Ok so not the best picture but by this time I had woken up showered changed Jack fed him. Then made lunches and feed my big kids and I was tired. I really have to go to bed by 10pm.  Getting up by 6a.m.  at the latest can sometimes be hard. SOme mornings I would love to just go back to bed. But hey its Jacks Birthday !

So I opened the big box with the train table in it and he went crazy so I had to get out the trains.  He played and played.

My dad came over early.. Now I see why I have to go to bed early. There is so much going on way early in the morning around here. It took my dad hours to put the table together. I really need more pictures of my older kids but there still sleeping.

Birthday Boy ..

We sang happy  birthday 10 times and Jack kept saying has mas . I have not mentioned that jack is bilingual. I speak danish all day and when Mike gets home we speak English.

This is real life peeps. A plunger and a bunch of silly people laughing because we the word poop is involved …Thats a wrap for our Thursday.

A week in the Life - Wednesday

For me some mornings the whole getting up and getting ready are just so the same I did not take a picture. This was an early morning park kind of day. I drove south about 45 minutes to see my dad so we could go get this little guy his birthday present. 

We where at the park by 8am. We both got up early . 6am early so I decided to just get out of the house and go play.

This is the reality of a 2 year old. Its hard going to the store's with him even toy's r us is hard. He is happy in a out of control kind of way.  I adore my dad and he is not really a patient man but with Jack he is so patient. I really love watching my dad 65 trying to figure out what to do with Jack age 2. My dad bought him a really cool train table.

Oh the drive home. 1 hour and did Jack sleep   Nope. I was home by 2:30 just in time to pick up the kids from school.

Home Sweet Home.

When your a teenager and growing you sleep a-lot. My son sleep a-lot. He seems to be growing over night too.

The day came to an end. This is us. I am consistently grateful to him. I am grateful because I have a roof over my head I call my home thanks to him. I am grateful there are never any fights. Its a quite relationship and I love that. It's easy and after having many years of difficult relationship easy is great and I need easy. 

A week in the life - Tuesday

I was looking forward to  breakfast. The mornings all always quite since my teenagers sleep in late and with summer coming to an end I let them sleep. I don't have papaya often but today I did.  I love it for so many reasons . It reminds me of mexico Then you add the vanilla yogurt and perfection. Things like this make me happy.

We had to be at the kids school early on. Time to get lockers decorated and just figure things out. I felt sad most of the morning. One more year has passed and my kids are getting older. It feels so sad to me. I would love to have them home with me all the time. I am that mom. There great kids and I am so happy when they are near me. 

My little girl thats what I see. She is so sweet and crazy creative. I have a feeling this is going to be difficult year for her. New school new friends and change is not that easy for any of us. 

This is how I feel when I am with them. I feel in love. Everything that comes with that is good.

My dad visited today !!

My aunt taught me to make really good shredded beef . SHe is so sweet and a very healthy 73 year old.

THen with out notice it was time to put this guy down for bed and here I am with both my boys .. I am tired can you tell. Bed time does not come soon enough sometimes. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A week in the life - Monday

On monday morning we usually wake up at 6:30. Then life takes over. 
This is the look of I am sorry mommy for pouring water all over the floor. He knows he is the baby !
We spent most of the time trying to figure out how to open a locker. Its harder than I thought.
On our way to a new school we go.
Back at home these two are hanging out playing. Mike is a great dad to our little man.
I feel like I am always driving but then I look at my son walking towards the car after a beach party and I think its fine because time in the car is so special. There are so many thoughts I wrote about for today. I love having my kids at home and this growing up thing is just so hard.
I made fried chicken and it was so good. Dinner is my favorite part of the day we laugh and we hang out for about an hour. I feel so connected when we all sit down to eat.
Now we get ready for bed. I have to start taking more picture at night...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A week in the life / Sunday

I decided I wanted to start on Sunday just because. Our mornings start at 6:30 am when Jack wakes up but on the weekends if I am not running I am sleeping and Mike gets Jack out of bed and lets me sleep. I love that extra hour of sleep. I am not really a morning person so getting up super early is not my favorite thing. It's Jacks favorite time of the day so this Sunday I came down stairs at 7 am and told mike he could go back to bed for a little bit. He did just that and Jack watched Public Television while I just sat there on the sofa. 
by 10 am everyone was awake. Thats crazy because I have some Teen agers that love to sleep. So we had breakfast and I convinced them to take a picture. Oh yeah we had to be at a surprise party by 11 am so that why they got up. My kids are fun and here it is my little family . Paola lives with her boyfriend so she is not in the picture..I do love Jacks smile its so cute.
The part of my life I have been dealing with that I just hate. Lately when ever I run in the sun I get horrible headaches. There so bad. I don't want to run. I have to get my miles in so I even joined a gym to see if running indoor helps. They last for 2 or 3 days and they make me so unhappy.
I do a-lot of the driving and all the cooking and the driving around for the most part so I think Mike could tell I just needed some me time . He told me to get my nails done so I did. I am loving purple right now too. This is one of my favorite fun books to read. Its very inspirational and it makes me want to paint.
This is what I found when I got home. A little boy trying to start his daddies computer. Jack is such a happy kid and smart. Mike can't get mad at him so this was cute to us. Baby by day and maker by night.
Later I had to go back to pick up the kids. Then Christopher needed a hair cut. He is very particular about his hair cuts and at the age of 14 only likes male barbers. This has been his barber shop for a couple years and he loves it.  Round trip for the house to pick up the kids and get a hair cut this took 2 1/2 hours. We spend a lot of time in the car. Mike was very upset today because his hip hurts so much. SO todays car ride not so much fun.
We got a mini van this year so everyone fits. That good since everyone is so tall in my house except me. When I look at my son I think about how fast he is growing and how I only really have 4 years left before he goes to college .
We got home and put Jack to sleep. That is usually 7 pm and we made plans with our friends Doug and Dominique to have dinner. We talked about there trip to Europe and ate way to much food. They are such a funny honest couple I love them . How bad are we started with the cheese bowl. It was great catching up and just listening to each other. Dominique I think we have known each other for many lives. We just have a connection and its very real. I will always be her friend. After dinner we went home and went straight to bed. Maybe it was the two hefewiezers I had.