Thursday, April 20, 2017

A week in the life day 3. April 20,2017

I got up super early and made the kids waffles and bacon for breakfast. I try and do this every Wednesday because they have late start. Having kids of all ages I know I am going to miss this when they go to college. The thing is I love getting my kid fix and they love eating so it works out. I made lunches my son gets a double lunch because he is starving all the time. 
something that is not my thing but I am working on is being early to school. My kids used to always be late but for the last two years I have made it a point to be early. Today even though I was early getting life ready when I looked at the clock I said ..Oh poop we are gonna be late !!!!! I really try not to stress them out when we are running late. I make it a point to be calm and just hurry them. I have found a method that works for us.

It was raining here in San Diego and you know about people driving in the rain here. We got lucky and made it school on time and I did not speed. I never ever speed. I am that mom.

My feelings on running. I run almost everyday. I run because it has become what I do. I am at a place where I don't have to ask my body to run. My body and mind ask me. It is a yearning I have grown to love and listen too. I have been running for a long time so it takes me longer to find my sweet spot . This just means I need a minimum of 2 hours. I find however I can. I split it up of like today I just ran 12 miles. When I walked outside to see it had been raining it reminded me I have a race next Saturday. A really hard race called Lost Boys. I love the challenge and having a goal that pushes me to work hard at something that is for me. 

I do what I can with the time I have between dropping of Jack and picking him up. Planks will kick your butt you just have to hold it. I do wish I could do more but I will take what I get and be grateful for it.
I feel like telling the girl in the picture. You have come a long way G . Just keep working as hard as you have and don't stop. I am preparing my water and taking my supplements or vitamins. 

I love taking Jack to the park the problem is getting there. Do other moms feel this way? Once we are there its great but I always put chores before park time. Today we made it to the park and he wanted me to push him in the swim forever and ever. 

Then in was Lets run time. I love how he mimics me after I am done running. I love this picture. 

Paola has been picking up my teenagers because she has been getting out of work around the same time and her work is so close to there school. The kids think its cool there sister picks them up and less driving for me. Oh yeah and Paola or Miss P always has something I made to eat when she gets here. I don't mind. We have much better relationship now that she is older and values me more.

Then let the Taxi cab mom driving begin. Bella started guitar lessons today. We drove to her new class and met her new teacher and Jack was with us. He fell asleep on the way to the store to I just drove him home and pit him in bed. He is a much happier 3 year old when he naps. His big brother was home and he literally sits outside Jacks door when he watches him. He is so protective.

Then while Bella was in class I went to two grocery store to get some food and I got Bella and me earrings. I got Lapis and she got Jade. Bella is an artist. She is super smart but her spirit is one of an artist and I try and support that. The jade earnings made her feel special.

Dinner was chicken and noodles but because my husband is not home we just eat at the island for some reason. When he comes home we eat at the table. Bella is a great mommy number 2. She played with Jack while I cleaned up and turned off the lights etc. 

I am almost 45 so my night routine is real. Wash and a mark every other day. Then some neck cream and some eye cream and some face cream. I am so grateful in the morning when I take care of myself. I spend so much time outside running that I need all the help I can get. Christopher and Isabella finish there homework and my 10pm Jack and I are sleeping.

I feel so much gratitude for our house. I love that we have safe place to call home. That each child has there own room and they can decorate it however they want. I love that this is our safe place. 

If you get this far and read my blog and your also doing a week in life would you mind leaving me your blog in the comments I would love to read it. Thanks G

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