Thursday, April 27, 2017

A week in the life ..Thursday

6:30 am Lunches are made and today I decided ti that a half bagel would be all we had time for this morning. 

The bagels where gone before we walked out the door. Then we have about a 40 minute drive both ways. I didn't get a picture of the kids because they where grumpy :( 

I make some kind of treat for the kids 3 days a week . I love the smell of sweet baked goods and I think is sweet to have cup cakes waiting for them. Jack is a big helper today.

so today was my clean the house day.
3 loads of laundry washed and folded and put away
dishes done
3 bathrooms cleaned (toilets ,sink , floors)
floors swept
entire house vacuumed
I know I am hyper so what works for me is a timed house cleaning race. I time myself ....ready set go !!!! 

This is a successful closet done .

Jack is very patient waiting for me to finish. He was good because I told him as soon as I finished we could go to Broken Yolk ...He loves the Broken Yolk 

-----------------------Happy kids Happy mom---------------------------

Look my husband is home. Ahhhhh life just got easier and after so many days of him not being gone, I feel like throwing a party because he is home.

Every one is now excited to see Mike
Mike is excited to open all his mail
Christopher is sleeping after school because the kid is growing so Dinner includes a family favorite. Meatloaf ,salad and baked bread.

Maybe not the best picture but it was what I took at dinner time. That's it for Thursday ..I know this is late but as I make my album I thought I would get this down.

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