Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Week in the life day 2

Me at 6:30 am getting Jack's and my smoothie ready. ( Jacks tummy does better when he has lots of veggies ) Bella came down at 6:50 grabbed an everything muffin I made. The way at least I know she is getting something healthy in her. Then we race to school and by 7:30 there in school and I am on my way home. I really enjoy picking them up more. I don't believe we are morning people.

San Diego weather is sunny and 73 today. The reason I took a picture of the nice weather was because in 2 weeks I will be running a 50 mile race really close to San Diego and it is always horrible weather for this race. I was thinking about that this morning. How quickly the weather can change.

Jack and I went to Home Depot to look at carpet and set up an apt to have them come to the house. I am so excited about getting new floors. Who ever thought I would be excited about floors !!Then I had a veggie taco and and back in the car we go. Jack took a nap.

The drive to where I have been wanting to go is about 45 minutes and if Jack falls sleep he will either wake up happy or very grumpy :(. Since he is only 3 I just go with it. When we arrived he was still asleep so I let him sleep for 15 more minutes to get a whole hour in and then I woke him up. He was super grumpy.I wanted to drive to this store that has the coolest walls. ARTLEXIA 

Jack cried the entire time we where in there. I kinda got a picture of the Frida wall. ( a am in love with her ) Maybe because she is Mexican like me or because she was an artist or maybe because she endured or because I admire how she didn't give a shit. Either way no picture for Gloria today.

This is the wall outside. I will have to go back and get a picture with me in it !! It is so fabulous. Even though Jack was not happy I am glad we drove down there. My oldest picked up the kids at school so I had time to get home. 

My older kids when to go see there dad for Easter so the Easter bunny left there baskets here. All my kids love getting baskets. We sat on the floor upstairs and I just listened to them laugh. 

Paola got make up stuff and chocolate. Isabella got drawing pencils and cute socks. Chris got a new journal and some cool pens and a bunch of candy. 

This kid. He hates having his picture taken and the only time he lets me is 2 times  a year. This one and the month of December for my December daily. Christopher is the child that always makes us laugh. He is so much like me. He had braces for 2 years and then when we took them off he grew 5 inches in one year !! His teeth went back :( so we are waiting until he is done growing before we put them back on. He is also a great big brother and he taught me to be way more patient when he was little. So from 6 to 9 the oldest go to there room to do there homework. I clean up and picked up dinner Panda Express. ( no photo) when my husband is home I make dinner every night and when he is gone we eat out. The kids love this idea and so do I.

This was our evening. Then at 9:30 I was bed and sleeping by 9:45.
 What I am grateful for Today is  my kids. I can't imagine life with out them. I love taking care of them and the thought of them leaving to college kills me but it will happen.  I know all this time I have with them is a gift and I try and take it all in. I often catch myself needing to bring myself back to center. My life mantra is G does it really, really matters ..Ok go with that. 

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