Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A week in the Life day 1

Monday morning at 7am. I get the day started by having some fruit and veggies. I make one for Jack too because it really helps his tummy. ( then I fallow him around fora bit making sure he drinks it ) Then we get ready for Pre-school.
Then we get in the car and we are ready to go. This little keeps me busy..and since my other kids are not here one seems child seems so easy.
After I drop him off I get home and run on the treadmill for about 7 or 8 miles depending what I have time for. The one thing about running at home that rocks is I can run with out my top on !!! I am way to conservative to run like this outside. The paintings on the wall are by Danita or Kelly Rea or me. 
So yes this is my goal of the day !! Everyday because when your training to run a 100 mile race you need big mile weeks.
by 12:30 I am back at Jacks school to pick him up. I love picking him up. He runs up to me and hugs me. 
On our way to pick up Jacks new Scooter he fell asleep so I waited in the car and let him sleep for an hour. My Oldest works really close so she met us for lunch at Islands. (I love this picture of her ) She is 22 and my youngest is 3. 
4:30 pm
We talked and Jack talked too. I had veggie tacos and Paola and Jack had chicken fingers. ( Kinda funny) Yes spending time with my kids is so important to me. I feel that time spent with them are memories that last forever . 
We come home and put together his scooter.
Scooter time until 7:30
Then Jack and I go pick up my crazy teenagers. There dad sent me this picture from the airport. There so funny !!
We made it back home safe and sound. I am so tired can you tell .. That's my Monday day 1. I love this week. Thank you Ali Edwards.

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