Thursday, September 10, 2015

My keepsakes Book

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Here is a little peek into my Keepsake Book.
 In this little pouch that was gifted to me years ago I keep a small home made book. A special pencil and a pen . A little tiny eraser and my cute purple scissors. If you have scissors and kids in the same house than you know how important it is to hide a couple pair so you know where they are. My purple ones live in here. I close this up put it  away so when I need it has everything 

There are so many things about this that makes me smile. This is the part of scrap booking that brings me right back to being a teenager.  I started keeping a little something about really special dates that I do not want to forget about in here. This is my Keepsake's book. I only have  a couple pages filled out in this one but everyone makes me smile. It takes me back to a very special day.
Page 1. My daughter and I on a movie date. She is a reader and she loves book. I know what a blessing. She read Paper Town and wanted to go see the movie so we did. We had a really nice date night. We held hands because when your 12 it is still ok to hold your moms hand. I did not want to forget that special feeling of just hanging out with my daughter. I used mostly my Studio Calico Stuff.
Page 2. I love going to the Land Mark Theatre. It is about a 45 minute drive from my house but once in a while that does not seem to far. I love watching independent movies that catch my eye. I love going alone. Sometimes I need to just be alone and I try and take a mini date with myself at least once a month. I grab dinner and a flick. As a mother of four time alone is gift I give myself with the help of my husband the babysitter. 

Page 3. Here we go. Date night with my son . He is 14 so he does not really want to go out with me until we go out. Does your teen ager do that ? We went to go see the movie Vacation and we both loved it. My son and I are so much alike and he looks just like me so we also have the same kind of humor. We laughed a-lot. I wrote about our similarities behind the little noted paper on the left page. I also kept the win free movie coupon because we won a free small pop corn and this made him really happy.
THis book serves a purpose bigger than just keeping memories. It is therapeutic for me to make it. I can see LOVE in this book and there are days when I don't feel so happy so looking at it brightens my day. You can get a note book just like this one here.   Have a wonderful day. 

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