Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Keepsake book love

We don't go to the movies or to see plays that often but I feel when we do I should record it. We have a big family and there is always some kind of activity so its hard to find the time and also have the energy . This goes for my teenagers. They must be growing again because there is a-lot of sleeping that goes on all the time. My kids are very tall for there age. So anyway the layout above was done in my homemade notebook. I went to see Straight out of Compton a while ago but I really wanted my husband to see it with  my son. I knew they would like it. It is a really good movie. I asked him if they would do a picture together in the photo booth and to my surprise they did it. I was really happy and surprised. On the left page I got a picture of my 3 boys. Jack was playing in his jumpy that he is to big for but still loves getting in. I took the picture right before they left. I thought Jack would appreciate seeing this one day. 
On this night my dad and I went to see a Sherlock Holmes Play. My dad and I share a common interest in theater. He is my best friend. I can't put into word how much I love him. He has never not been there. I feel I need to write this stuff down and I love that in a notebook like this I don't stress about how its going to turn out. I think a better way to say it is I feel I can be 14 just playing with my notebook and having fun. I tend to stress more with my project life album because I know my family will be all over it. In this little book its just me and fun. 
This is so true. I am consistently thinking about what I want or need and I have to bring myself back to I have everything I need.  The simple stuff is huge. I am grateful for the roof over my head food on  my table and healthy family. I also know that I am never alone.
We just got married. I mean really recently I am so grateful that this guy is such an amazing father to my kids. He is patient kind and just good. The most important thing for me is that my kids know that they are loved unconditionally and he does that.
so there you go. A-lot of rambling to go with my cute pages. I am sitting in my living room while Jack naps and its pouring rain outside in San Diego . Last week at this time it was 98 degrees. Crazy weather. Hope your having a great day.

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