Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December is here !!

I love that it is this time of year again. One of the traditions I love the most is working on my December daily. I feel like this album is the whip cream of my holiday season. You know everyone loves the hot chocolate but the whip cream is always all mine. This year I am embracing two things my hand writing and getting my story down for each day. 
 December 1
December 1st was my husbands holiday party. I Love getting dressed up and a good date night is always a great thing around here. Since the picture of the two of us was so nice I decided to start with it. Jack got his first Christmas treat from pre-school earlier in the day he was so excited. I wrote about the rest of our day . Jack and I took my oldest out to lunch I wrote a message to her on the back of my half page.

Dec 2

I kept the 2nd easy. I went for a 10 mile run while Jack was in  pre-school and then we met my husband for Lunch at the 101 diner. I wrote a page about how much I love our family.I also got a great picture of my husband kissing my youngest.

Things I am loving is that my album is to get bigger. I also think that embracing the just taking it easy and getting down attitude makes it nicer specially when there is so much to do. 
Thanks for stopping by. G

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